Chemical Industry Exposed Potential Health Hazards For Their Employees

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Introduction The HSE demanded a statistical report and analysis of the laboratory data, which could be used as evidence of particular sectors of chemical industry causing potential health hazards for their employees. For the purpose of this analysis a sample of people coming from four different sectors of chemical industry had their blood tested for LDH-1 and LDH-5 levels (Intercellular enzyme that determines cell damage in various organs). The degree of organ damage, in this case liver damage, can be simply assessed by looking at the values of the ratio of those two enzymes: the higher the ratio of LDH-1 and LDH-5 is, the worse the degree of liver damage is ( This is how we can compare worker’s health state and…show more content…
One method of assessing the level of liver damage is to measure the ratio of LDH-5 to LDH-1. To begin the statistical analysis of the data provided, we need to present the statistical description of it, take a general look at the means and medians for each sector and test the normal distribution of the data to see if we can undertake any further test. As presented in the boxplot and in the descriptive statistics, the highest mean of the LDH1 to LDH5 ratio is associated with plasticizer manufacturing. Further examination and testing of the data is necessary to determine whether there is a significant statistical difference between each industry and health hazard associated with it, measured by LDH enzyme levels. First of all it is worth to take a look at any outliers that may affect a distribution of the data. Outliers affecting distribution: De-greasing outliers: Female,34, 2 years of service Dry cleaning outliers: Male,33,15 years of service Female, 60, 34 years of service Plasticizer manufacturing outlier: Male, 35, 14 years of service The data set seems to have many outliers and what is more the Q1 and Q3 – the quartiles are of a different distance from the median, which makes the whole distribution unsymmetrical. What is more, the whiskers are of a different length except for plasticizer manufacturing, which is generally the most symmetrical one, and is the closest to the
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