Chemical Manufacturing Of Woodson Chemical Company

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Woodson Chemical Company is a chemical manufacturing company located in St. Louis Missouri. Melinda Sanders is the lead distribution planner for WCC and is currently in a position to question the logistical operation having spent the last six years in various roles within WCC after attaining her MBA.
The first question that Melinda asked is what is the critical issue(s) confronting WCC North America’s? There are a few areas of immediate concern for WCC. It is stated, based on the last customer service report, that WCC customers are expressing dissatisfaction with the order-information process (D. Bowersox, D. Closs, B. Cooper, & J Bowersox, 2012). Customers are also stating that customer service performance is average-to-poor
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WCC should also look to remove organizational barriers associated with the divisions of the company. They should investigate having either centralized or a hybrid administrative, marketing, and manufacturing to better align logistics. It appears too that communication and managerial alignment need to be evaluated to reduce the layers of management.
Ordering information needs to be accurate, timely, and readily available to customers upon processing. Inventory management and warehousing costs need to be addressed as it relates to declining sales of materials. Advances in technology specifically with RFID would allow WCC to better track inventory and capable of providing customers with instant tracking information. With customer order lead times becoming shorter and service levels increasing, WCC should focus on how much material is being housed and if there are opportunities to consolidate facilities. This would allow them to better collaborate with their supply chain partners to expedite shipping and potentially lower warehousing expenses. It is also recommended that if possible an investigation into more cost effective shipping models. While WCC does own and operates a sizeable railcar fleet, there may be improvements in shipping that would lower the overall cost of ownership.
Identify the risks and benefits of your proposed changes from the perspective of (a) WCC

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