Chemical Manufacturing Safety

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Chemical Hazard Risk Management Risk management in Chemical Manufacturing facilities has implications for not only effect workers inside of the plant, but also pose potential harm to the surrounding community. Chemical spills and releases can create the potential for major disaster. This places a greater responsibility on the facility for managing its risks. Chemical hazard risk management can be divided into several major activities. This research will explore the major categories of risk management. The first major task is risk assessment. This is typically part of the planning and design process for the facility. Measures must be taken to identify and eliminate any possible sources of risk both inside the plant and outside. Risks inside the plant include potentially volatile reactions, products that have deadly fumes, and the potential for chemicals to spill and combine in unintended ways. Risks from outside the plant include natural disasters or manmade disasters that good damage the integrity of the internal risk management system. The traditional approach to chemical process safety is to add control, containment, and mitigation layers for dangerous processes (Environmental Health Watch, 2011). Some examples of these steps include daily monitoring, sufficient vessels to contain volatile chemicals, filters and scrubbers to prevent a particle release, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures and training. An example of containment is preventing
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