Chemical Reactions And Chemical Reaction Types Essay

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Abstract This paper is about chemical reactions and chemical reaction types. All the data gathered was from conducting multiple experiments. Each experiment was performed carefully and analyzed to obtain the necessary information for the paper. That information included the four signs of a chemical change, the rnx type, and more. Introduction A chemical reaction is a process in which elements or compounds react with one another to create new or different substances. There are two parts to a reaction. Those two parts are the products and the reactants. The reactants are the chemicals or chemical compounds that are going through the reaction itself. The products are chemical elements or chemical compounds that are produced as a result of the reactant or reactants reacting. There are four key indications that there’s a chemical reaction is taking place. Those four signs include a change in color and/or odor, formation of a precipitate or a gas, the release or absorption of energy (light, heat, electricity), and if the reaction is irreversible. Along with this information, there are ways to predict the products of a reaction. When dealing with chemical reaction there are equations called chemical equations. Chemical equations give the reactants and products of a chemical reaction. When given just the reactants of an equation, you can predict the products by balancing each side of the equation. The products and reactions are separated by an rnx arrow

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