Chemical Reactions And Gas Laws

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Flatulence is often seen as an embarrassing occurrence that leads to shame and all around is frowned upon in public. Despite its harsh reputation, flatulence is normal, and everyone experiences it throughout his or her daily lives. Flatulence is directly related to the world of chemistry, both involving chemical reactions and gas laws. In the end, while flatulence might be the cause of smelly situations, it also shows that chemistry is not limited to the laboratory, it is seen throughout the world, even in the human body.

When people think of flatulence, they are often unaware that everything in the human body is a direct result of another occurrence somewhere else in the human body. This is referred to as the kinetic chain. The
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Overall, the microorganisms of the colon release gases, which then become flatulence. Microorganisms are able to produce such gases due to enzymes within their structures4. Along with the gases formed by microorganisms, one of the main sources of gas within the body is due to the fact that people swallow air1, 3. While this air is usually released from the body via belching, it can be a factor in flatulence1. Overall, people tend to pass approximately 500 to 1500 mL per day, with an average of flatulence occurring 10-20 times per day1.

One of the most important aspects of flatulence is the presence of the microorganisms that break down the excess carbohydrates, lipids, sugars or proteins that were not broken down in the small intestine1, 4,5. These microorganisms are able to break down these molecules due to the presence of carbohydrate active enzymes4. An enzyme is a catalyst to a chemical reaction, meaning the enzyme can decrease the amount of time a reaction takes, yet it does not change in the reaction2, -4. For a carbohydrate active enzyme to work, the carbohydrate, or other molecule attaches to the enzyme 2-4, at the activation site. From here, the enzyme is able to lower the activation energy, which is the energy needed for that certain reaction2, 3. Enzymes are able to lower the activation energy of a reaction due to the fact that

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