Chemical Reactions Of The Chemical Reaction

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In all living things, there are chemical reactions that happen within these living organisms to help them either break up energy or use the molecules for other bodily functions. One of the main chemical reactions are caused by something called Enzymes. Enzymes are basically catalyst that are organic which are made up of hundreds of amino acids and are pertained as fairly large (Biology Department, n.d, p.34). Similar to other catalyst, enzymes have the capability of fulfilling their function without allowing themselves to be consumed as well as disfigured. Enzymes can also carry on their function without changing the chemical equilibrium between reactants and products (Cooper GM, 2000). Enzymes main function is to help quicken the chemical reaction rate. These enzymes work in a way where there is a little area that is comparable to a depression. This depression area is known as the active site which is where the enzymes bond to. “The binding of a substrate to the active site is a very specific interaction” (Cooper GM, 2000). On top of the acceleration of chemical reactions, the enzyme has two other parts as well. The second function of enzymes is that they have specific reactants that they work with and these are called the substrates. These substrates help produce products for living organisms. Lastly, enzymes work in a way where if one was missing, the end product could be catastrophic. “Enzymes are regulated from a state of low activity to a state of high activity and…
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