Chemical Safety Assignment On The Use Of Potassium Nitrate In The Workplace

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Chemical Safety Assignment Student’s Name: Institution: Chemical Safety Assignment Answer 1 The chemical that will be analyzed in this section is potassium nitrate. There are different types of information related to the chemical the student needs to gather to ensure proper air sampling is carried out. It is necessary to determine the fire properties of this chemical and the level of damage it might cause when left in the open. Significantly, the assessment must find out about other processes that affect the usage of potassium nitrate in different environments within the organization (McDermott, 2004). This knowledge will enable the worker to recognize how various control measures can be used to deal with various hazards associated with the chemical that might cause harm to different people. Therefore, evaluating the real magnitude of different dangers involved will enable all those involved to come up with appropriate methods that limit workers’ exposure to the hazards. It is important for the student to determine how the risk of fire and explosion after exposure to potassium nitrate can be dealt with. In effect, this knowledge will equip the student with skills to deal with the dispersal effects of potassium nitrate dust at the workplace when it occurs. More importantly, it is vital for the analysis to determine if the dust has harmful effects to the respiratory system when inhaled and the levels of protection an organization can initiate to prevent

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