Chemical Structure, Physical And Chemical Properties

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Jacob Patterson
Ms. Wallin
Chemistry H
25 October 2014
Chemicals in Our Tap Water Earth, the only known planet with life, seems to revolve around many things in todays society. Money, land, precious metal, all seems to make the world go around, but in all reality, Earth would just be another planet without one sole resource, water. The food we eat and the air we breathe all seem to be dependent. Over the centuries, we have learned much about the molecular structure, physical and chemical properties, and so on. We have been able to harness its great power, and we have made the consumption a much quicker process through the idea of “city water” or tap water. The concept of tap water has been around since about 3000 B.C. in Mesopotamia where the townspeople shared water through clay piping. Just like 5000 years ago the people within the metropolitan area, share a sole water source. Somewhere in history, we reached the conclusion that natural water didn’t fulfill our needs and found righteous purpose in implementing additives into our liquid gold. The only dilemma is most of these men and women are blind to what they are actually taking into their body. Everyone would love to believe that when a sink is turned on it was pure H2O pouring crystal clear, but its simply untrue. So what truly is in our water? Is it all purely for the health and safety of the populous areas most of us live in? As a consumer, you should be enlightened to what you’re taking into your own body. 100…
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