Chemical Structure- Steroid Lactone

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Later its structure was determined by different spectroscopic analysis mainly by NMR, EI-MS, FAB-MS and also by X-ray diffraction, which was found to be (22R, 23R, 24S)-2α, 3α, 22, 23, tetrahydroxy-24-methyl-β-homo-7-oxa-5α-cholestan-6-one. Since the discovery of brassinosteroid more than 69 naturally occurring compounds of this hormone family has been discovered. (Yokota 1999a) BR’s are derived from a common 5-choleston skeleton and the structural difference which is present in the different members of this hormone family mainly comes from the side chain present in A/B ring and also from different functional groups present in the ring which is shown in the figure ( Yokota, 1995, 1997).

From- The chemical characteristic and distribution of brassinosteroids in plants

Natural Occurrence and Distribution in the Plant Kingdom
Brassinosteroid molecules although present at low concentration in plants but still they have been reported throughout the plant kingdom and also they are broadly distributed from lower to higher plants. They have also found to be present in different plant organs such as flowers, anthers, seeds, pollens, roots, stems, leaves and grains, although brassinosteroid level varies among them according to organ type and tissue age. Like young and growing shoots contain higher brassinosteroids as…
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