Chemical Weapons And Nuclear Weapons

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Chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons have changed the way that people look at wars forever. Since their implementation into the battlefield, it has been realized that these taboo weapons are ones to be feared. Responsible for an extravagant amount of deaths over the past eighty years, chemical, biological, and nuclear threats are not to take lightly. A nuclear weapon is an “explosive device designed to derive its destructive explosion via nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, or a combination of the two processes”. The implementation of nuclear weapons was a
Figure 1) serious game changer, and gave the upper hand to the more technologically advanced countries because of the scientific efforts that go into developing these weapons, making the possession of nuclear weapons a more apt problem for nations themselves, rather than non-state actors, such as terrorist groups. As shown in Figure 1, there has been a general steady decrease of the amount of nuclear weapons held by the United States. This is where chemical and biological weapons differ from nuclear weapons. Over the past years, chemical and biological weapons have seen more action, and this can be attested to the significant difference in developing these weapons. Because chemical and biological weapons are so easily acquired, it is more likely to see them being used by terrorist groups rather than nations themselves. Because of the potential threats and easy obtainment of biological weapons, they are potentially the
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