Chemical and Biological Uses of Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Chemical and Biological Uses of WMD

The threat by terrorist groups in using Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) has increased significantly in the recent years. Preventing the creation and the utilization of these deadly weapons as well as their delivery systems and reducing those already in existence, has become of extreme importance to the government. Certain weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical and biological, are easier to acquire but much harder to detect. For that reason, they should be the highest priority. Predicting when and how an attack will occur, involving chemical or biological weapons, is not 100 percent possible; however, individuals should not ignore the possibility of such an attack happening here on American soil. In the past, there have been attacks involving Sarin gas, such as the Tokyo Subway attack, and just recently, the Sarin nerve agent use in Syria. Terrorist have the capability to use chemical WMD and have shown that they are willing to use this method in warfare. In addition, military biological WMD programs discovered in Iraq and Russia show that there is a definite biological threat as well. Preparing America to face this threat head on is a daunting task, but lacking preparedness could have devastating consequences beyond comprehension. Agencies, such as public health organizations, must be prepared to prevent illness and injuries resulting from biological and chemical terrorism, especially with a concealed attack by a terrorist.
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