Chemistry And Chemistry : Lab Analysis Of Chemistry

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Theory: The goal of the lab was to separate a neutral compound and an acid from an unknown mixture. The DCM (Dichloromethane) was added to create the organic layer. Both the neutral compound and acid were insoluble in water so aqueous NaOH was added. The acid would be deprotonated into an ion, which is soluble in water. Using the separatory funnel, the organic layer was separated from the aqueous layer. HCl was added so that the ion would protonate back into the acid and precipitate out of solution. Vacuum filtration via Buchner funnel was used to separate the acid (crystals) from the salt, NaCl. Na2SO4 was the drying agent used to remove any residual water from the organic layer. Gravity filtration helped separate the drying agent from the organic layer containing the neutral compound. The organic layer (DCM solvent) was boiled in order to separate the solvent from the neutral compound, which was in the form of crystals. Ethanol was heated up and added to the crystals of the neutral molecule which allowed the removal of impurities. The solution was placed in a hot water bath and the crystals of the neutral molecule precipitated out. The cool temperature helped crystallize the neutral compound into crystals. Finally, the neutral compound crystals were separated via vacuum filtration using a Buchner funnel. The acid and neutral compound and massed via an analytical balance so that the percent recovery can be calculated. Melting point (Mel-temp) was used to determine the
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