Chemistry Investigation on Fuels

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1.0 Abstract The purpose of this investigation is to explore how much energy is stored in different types of fuels and see which one would be better to purchase for a camping trip. The process that was used to find this was called calorimetery and the results from this were compared to the price per milliliter for each fuel. The fuel that was the best to purchase over all was deemed to be Ethanol. Ethanol was the alcohol fuel that held the highest amount of energy compared to the price and had the highest rating compared with the other fuels. The other fuels tested which were; Pentanol, 4 – methyl – 2 – Pentanol and Octanol. 1.1 Introduction A fuel is a substance that can be used to generate energy in a controlled manner.…show more content…
SMALL FIRE: Use DRY chemical powder. LARGE FIRE: Use alcohol foam, water spray or fog. Cool containing vessels with water jet in order to prevent pressure build-up, auto ignition or explosion Toxicity: Acute Oral Toxicity, 3632mg/kg Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention if symptoms appear. 1.23 4 – Methyl – 2 – Pentanol Chemical Properties Odour: N/A Colour: N/A Molecular Weight: 102.18 g/mol pH: 7 Neutral Boiling Point: 131.8°C Specific Gravity: 0.81 g/ml (water =1) Solubility:
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