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I’ve learned so much from working and competing in Science Olympiad. There were four competitions that were scheduled for me to compete in: Forensics, Chemistry Lab, Game On and Electric Vehicle. There was a lot of preparation and commitment that had to be put in. A slight mishap happened in Forensics we found out that only two teams could compete, so my team had to drop out , Chemistry Lab was mainly basic kinetics and gas laws during Game On we had to learn Scratch and then use that knowledge to create a game, The last event was Keltic Vehicle, in this event we had to pre-design a vehicle. It would be scored by how accurate it was. I am glad I was able to pick the events to see if would really enjoy that class or occupation.…show more content…
It helped working together because we could share ideas to each other. The Scratch program was simple and easy to master. We did really well at studying and mastering the program.

There were some issues with designing the background and characters. The limited time made it hard to make a complicated and interesting game. The game wasn’t as accurate as we had hoped but it was one of my favorites. We also actually knew what we were doing. With the knowledge in Scratch I know that I’ll do better next year. Doing gome on made me realise how much I enjoyed programming, and I know that skill will come in handy later in life.

For Electric Vehicle I learned that time is very important with designing and programming but working on the vehicle was different we remodeled it about three times to make it work correctly and stop swerving to the left. The rules were simple: make the vehicle come to a complete stop when it hits the set distance. Our way of building the vehicle was to base it on a click system; in the system we had buttons that had a certain amount of time it would make the motors go for. The rules stated that the vehicle had to be between “nine to twelve meters”, (in distance of which it could travel), but at the competition it was eleven meters. When preparing for the distance runs we had to figure out how many clicks it took to go one meter. Unfortunately, it was a little more complex; it accelerated so it didn’t go at a linear rate,

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