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The Battle Between Absorbency: Clay and Charcoal

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are extremely dangerous to human and aquatic life when presented in water. The removal of the PHAs are done by using absorbent material. In this experiment we tested Bentonite clay and charcoal by finding the absorbency of both. The results we came to is the clay is the better absorbent.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are 16 different pollutants together. Eight of these are considered carcinogenic, while others can lead to mutations of wildlife that encounter them. Humans can come into contact by swimming in water where they are present because of pollution, but mostly it is from drinking water, which has PAH
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% Transmittance
Charcoal 1
Charcoal 2
Charcoal 3
Clay 1
Clay 2
Clay 3

There are several the problems with our results. For instance, at λmax the results from week two show that the clay and charcoal have more absorption than the stock solution of .05 mM dye. This was noticed during the lab, and we ran the stock solution by itself again, and got the transmittance to be 17.2%, which is different than the18.4% that we got week one. This was found that the stock solution is re-mixed daily and there was a variation of the actual concentration of the solution. Also, there was error in the fact that our lab weighed the charcoal and then grinded, so we lost part of the substance in the grinding part of lab. This could lead to the absorbance being faulted because there was then less surface area to show to absorb.

By looking at the data, it would be suggested from our results that clay is the better absorbent because it has the lesser of the absorbance. This is because charcoal absorbs differently than the clay. The clay becomes a good absorbent because it takes the dye and keeps it between multiple layers,
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