Essay about Chemistry: Properties of Copper

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The name copper and the symbol Cu derive from the Latin word “Cuprum”, which by definition means the island of Cyprus. Copper is the 29th element and is located amongst the transition metals in the periodic table. Copper is one of the first elements both known and to be utilized by humans. It is believed that the reason for its early discovery was due to the element being able to naturally occur in its relatively pure form. Archaeological evidence has suggested that it was in fact the Mesopotamians somewhere between 5000 and 6000 years ago, which were able to fully utilize both extracting and making use of the element itself. A copper pendant was found in the Middle East and is dated 8700BC. There are many ways that copper can be used, as…show more content…
The metals were placed into a clay crucible and then heated at a very high temperature inside a kiln containing a charcoal fire. Following the implementation of copper extraction, it was discovered that the process of combing metals gave them superiorities like strength, in bronze. Copper is used in various industries including: Building Industry – 47%, Transportation – 10%, Consumer Products – 11%, Electronic Products – 23% and Industrial Machines – 9%. Copper is an extremely good conductor, which is why it is produced and used in forms of copper wire, cabling, generators, motors and various other appliances. Copper’s resistance to corrosion means it can be used in areas containing moisture such as water piping and tanks, plumbing, and also in hot water systems which is effective due to its suitable heat conduction. It is easy to form shapes such as pipes with copper due to its malleability. Copper also has the ability to lose heat very quickly, which makes it an effective element to be used in air conditioning and heat exchangers. Extraction: The extraction process of elements is continuously evolving. While new technology is released and more of copper’s properties are discovered and applied, the extraction processes are only becoming quicker, simpler, more efficient and more beneficial to both humanity and the environment. Copper is sometimes found in uncombined elemental
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