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Vanessa Squires Mrs. Thompson CHEM621A October 28, 2016 Chemistry Research Paper We often take for granted what items we have and the impact they can have on the world or the defect that they can cause as well as what they can do to the earth if thrown onto the ground and left there. This being the idea with the bottled water that is now available for our usage at any given time of day, which then means that people are going out and buying all that they want without even batting an eye. With that said, this means that there are tens of millions of dollars that go into buying bottled water that we do not even realize. This all being for the countries that are able to buy it and have plenty, but think of the poorer countries who do not even have proper drinking water at all, which then would mean that they would not have the proper resources in order to purify their water. The majority of Canada would often use any natural run-offs for their drinking water but, this could be considered an unprotected source of water which then could lead to viruses and illnesses which will be talked about later on. This would include the Northern side of Canada, but for the Southern side there is a shortage of purified water sources which would mean the water on the Northern side of Canada was not able to be drunk without a purifier to make it so that it would be drinkable and not harmful to their bodies. Some Canadian have though, thought of ways to preserve their water that is

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