Chemistry : Water Chemistry And Water Quality

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Chemistry- Unit 4 & 5 SCHC-B Lauren Benassi Lesson 13: Water Chemistry and Water Quality 35a. There is cohesion force between the water and oil molecules that allows the two substances to not mix, water molecules cling closer together, that their hydrogen bond cannot be penetrated by the oil until shaken together. When a oil spill occurs the oil will float on top of water, making it easier to skim or suck away from the water molecules. b. Since water is denser than oil, it sinks to the bottom the oil and water mixture, therefore most of the animals that swim will fish will not be affected by the oil as the oil molecules will sit on top of the water molecules, however when seabirds dive to get fish, they will have to penetrate that…show more content…
37. One major advantage reverse osmosis treatment has over distillation is cost. Reverse osmosis is significantly cheaper than distillation. Distillation uses a lot of energy to boil and separate water, however reverse osmosis does not require a lot of energy since it is just simple filtering, can be done with human power or even dead-weight. For the removal of salt from ocean water, distillation works well however the salt can cause corrosion and rust in the still 's pipes and mechanisms. Reverse osmosis is also able to filter more of the contaminants in salt or fresh water because the filtration membrane pores are so small and can kill and separate many contaminants, and does so faster than distillation. However it is possible that certain chemicals and molecules can attach to the gaseous water as it separates. In addition other chemicals with the same low-boiling point as water can become gaseous and merge with the distilled water, keeping it contaminated. Reference: Question 37 "What Is the Healthiest Water? Reverse Osmosis ? Distilled ? Filtered ?" What Is the Healthiest Water? Reverse Osmosis ? Distilled ? Filtered ? 1998. Web. 21 July 2015. . Lesson 14: Polluted Water. 38a. There is controversy about chlorine’s long-term health effects .It was discovered chlorine and materials found naturally in water, such as decomposing plant and animal materials. Some health
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