Chemistry and Technology in Biodiesel Essay

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Chemistry and technology in biodiesel Biodiesel is a cleaner diesel fuel for diesel engines in many types of vehicles. It is safer for the environment and is a cleaner version of diesel. It is made from soybeans and other vegetation. It is made with a process called transesterification it seperates glycerin from fat or oil and then methyl esters and glycerin is what is left over and used for the fuel. Biodiesel had its origins with the invention of the diesel engine, as the diesel engine was designed to run on Biodiesel. Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the Diesel engine. He designed a single 3 m iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base which ran on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany on August 10th…show more content…
A lot of the crops are home grown in the united states so, we wouldn’t have to depend on other countries for stuff to make fuels out of. Some draw backs to biodiesel is that it is more expensive to produce than petroleum-based diesel fuel, and can degrade rubber fuel lines on older engines and reduces the life of the rubber lines. Biodiesel on a wider scale can turn crops into cash crops and reduce the amount of crops for food. Most diesel engines can run off of biodiesel which means a lot of vehicles wont have to be altered to use biodiesel instead of petroleum-based diesel fuel. That means they are easy to use but can sometimes be hard to find. Biodiesel affects society today, because big businesses can use them to have “greener” vehicles and burn the fuel cleaner to help the environment and can keep people from having respiratory problems because of the less pollution. It can also help on the economy because you can use used vegetable oil from fast food restraunts. Therefore biodiesel has pros and cons to it. It can cut down pollutions and the use of petroleum-based diesel fuel, and the dependence on other countries for petroleum. But also, it can be more expensive to produce and can cut away at our crops for foods. These technological advances in fuel can help the environment and reduce on pollutions which is a big deal these days. Petroleum is not a renewable resource, but this organic vegetation is. Using a renewable resource for fuel
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