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Chemistry in Life: The Biochemistry of Running Angeela Riaz Chemistry 306 Dr. Mark Lee 05/12/2015 Abstract In common metabolic biochemistry human burns fuel (food) and generate energy. This energy is responsible off doing all types of processes of her body. Human body work in a very complex way when there is a demand on working muscles. During running so many changes are noticeable in human body. Those changes are faster heartbeat, sweating, hurting of muscles and very fast and deep breathing. These things consider normal doing marathon run. In order for runners to run marathon they have to train their body with hours of training. These trainings prepare their different body areas for example heart, lungs and red blood cells. Red…show more content…
Glucose for pyruvate is generated by glycogenolysis, which is a process breaking down glycogen to glucose. Glycogen is stored sugar in our muscles. Due to the buildup lactate muscles get tired and the anaerobic glycolysis last only for couple of minutes. From there on another pathway become available. As mentioned above during running, our heart beat get faster and we breathe hard this result more oxygen to our muscles by bloodstream. After our muscle cells get enough oxygen the aerobic pathway get activated. In the presence of oxygen ATP can be a generated again by citric acid cycle and oxidative Phosphorylation. During the long race, runners should not go over speed. Keeping a consistent speed just under “anaerobic threshold” can avoid muscles fatigue. According to Blann, “the anaerobic threshold is defined as the level of exercise intensity at which lactic acid builds up in the body faster than it can be cleared away. For this reason, it is also sometimes called the lactate threshold”. During long race burning the fatty acid from fat is very effective ( ). When human body burn one gram of fat, it generate more than double calories then compare to burning of one gram of carbohydrates. Marathon runners can use store fat and run for several days. Even though burning fat look good source of energy, it cannot reach

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