Chemotherapy Disadvantages

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1. Many early cancers often are not associated with any pain and often few, if any, clinical symptoms. Discuss why this might be so?
Many individuals who are in their early stages of cancer do not experience any pain because cancer can induce its signs and symptoms. The reason behind this can be the location, size of the cancer. Also, the addition, some cancers will not show signs and symptoms. These diseases, such as pancreatic cancer, are sometimes referred to as "silent." They are often diagnosed at a late stage when the disease is much more difficult to treat or even cure (Cancer Signs and Symptoms Overview, 2013). Furthermore, if cancer is invading location of the body the patient can suffer from pain effect that the cancer can cause depend on the surrounding environment. In such as, bone metastases and prostate cancer that can cause a severe
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Chemotherapy affects the bone marrow, which is the main producer of the white blood cells and platelets. The white blood cells and platelets are most likely to be affected by chemotherapy. Leukopenia, a drop in the white blood cell count means the immune system cannot function properly. In addition, the pros of keeping cancer patients in the hospital during aggressive chemotherapy treatment is the scheduling of drug administration, which is very important. Many studies showed that cancer can develop drug resistance if there are a significant delay between planned courses of chemotherapy (Huether & McCance, p 260). Also, being in the hospital will benefit the patient because the medical staff there to monitor the patient for symptoms and side effects. On the other hand, there is cons to have the patient kept in the hospital like inconvenient. Sometimes when Patient must be admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy, it could be inconvenient to him or his family. Also, it could be expensive as well to be in the hospital and some patient may not be able to afford
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