Chen Shiung Wu Accomplishments

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Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu was one of the top Physics, in her own way by being called “First Lady of Physics”. Earning the name by being involved in the Manhattan Project in WWll, winning numerous awards for a well-accomplished physicist, and earning the award of Cyrus B., Of course, her biggest achievement would be creating the Wu experiment of 1957. Though in a year of which women weren’t yet to be recognition for their well-achieved work Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu was left out of the Nobel Prize for that year.

Being born on May 31st of 1912 in Liuho (Shanghai),China. Where her father being an engineer, soon to join the 1911 revolution which was a successfully end the Manchu rule in china, later to build a school for girls. As Wu mother would also acquiesce to be a teacher at the same school her husband build, in which the parents would enroll their daughter and many other girls to the newfound school for girls to be educated at Liuho. In 1922 Wu would then be a student at Soochow (Suzhou) girl’s school where it was a Western-oriented curriculum for teacher training thus the opportunity for lectures of American professors. Wu already learning to speak
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With one bad end of the apple, she would have to face another bad one. That following year was the year that Japan would invade China. Wu wouldn’t see her family again. Of course, that wouldn’t stop her from gaining the knowledge that she would work hard for to make her family proud of graduating. In 1942 Wu would be received her Ph.D. in physics, studying nuclear fission. She would continue on being an assistant at Berkeley until 1942, as her nuclear fission would increase of population. Though she wouldn’t be an appointment to a faculty, for two reasons only; being an Asian and
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