Chern Case Chapter 2 Essay

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Chapter 2
9 Strategic Staffing Decisions

1. Do we want a core or flexible workforce?
Chern should develop a core workforce. Their employees should consist of people who are a regular part of the company and understand the importance they play in keeping the business successful and helping it grow. 2. Do we prefer to hire internally or externally?
It would be beneficial to hire both internally as well as externally. Chern should continue to develop and promote their current employees into higher positions within their department based on their level of skills and experience gained over the course of their employment with Chern.
Additionally, it should be recognize that some positions will have a need to be fulfilled
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Will we staff proactively or reactively?
Chern should make a strong effort to staff proactively. They need to show their employees and potential future employees that they welcome diversity and do not discriminate against others.

7. Which jobs should we focus on?
We will focus on our frontline staff. Putting a strong focus on the development of our frontline staff will allow us to ensure we offer exceptional customer service which will help with keeping our current customers and attracting new ones. The frontline staff is the key to making our business successful – this is who our customers get to meet and deal with firsthand. 8. Is staffing treated as an investment or a cost?
We want to treat staffing as an investment. Investments in recruiting staffing and retaining employees will allow Chern to cut costs, especially training costs. They are seeking long-term employees and these are the people who are helping turn the company into a profit making business. This wouldn’t be viewed as a cost to Chern because without their skills and assistance, the company would not have such a high success, therefore would not be making high profits or have the ability to grow their business. 9. Will staffing be centralized or decentralized?
We believe our staffing should be decentralized. Chern should focus on training employees to get results (sales) rather than the rules. They should

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