Cherns Case Chapter 5 Essay

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Introduction and Alignment
Terri Montgomery
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HRMT-537: Staffing, Performance, Management and Training
Professor Redd Branner
November 17, 2014

Introduction Chern’s, a well known retail establishment whose major focus is on providing excellence in customer service, was founded by a brother and sister team, Ann and Ryan Chern. The company employs 19,000 employees (full and part time) across 28 states and has 140 stores mainly in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Chern’s was built around a foundation of hiring sales associates who go above and beyond to ensure they provide great service by offering
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Since Chern’s is at the top of its game in training associates to provide excellence in customer service, those skills need to be refined to meet Chern’s standard even though sales associates will already have a good foundation of the concept of customer service upon hire. Communication and Technology, while not as critical as customer service and sales, are still very important to the role but the organization and train on methods of communication specific to Chern’s as well as on the technology staff will use to make them more efficient on the job once hired. Below is a sample of the Job Matrix for Chern’s:

|Table 1: Job Requirement Matrix for Sales Associate |
|Characteristics of the Job |Characteristics of the Employee |
|Job Duty |Tasks |Relative Importance of Job |Relative Time |Competency or KSAO |KSAO |
| | |Duty (%) |Spent (%) | |(1 = Low, 10 = High)|
| | | | | |(E = Essential) |
|Customer Service |Knowledge of customer |30 |35 |Strong understanding of |10E |

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