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Strategic Management – C570 Chapter 1 – Identify Long/Short Term Process & Outcome Goals for Staffing Knowing that the company has a 20% turn over in Full Time Employees and an average 15% turn over in Part Time Employees, I believe they should assess their mix of full and part time staff. It would be beneficial and potentially cost saving if the company can increase its part time staff, reduce full time staff, thus, if all things remain constant, realize a lower turnover ratio while paying less in overall benefits and compensation by changing the mix of employees. Determining the proper mix of staffing efficiently will be a key driver in the overall HR process and hiring outcome and should be a long term goal of the company…show more content…
Chern’s also has a history of promoting from within, thus viewing employees as long term investments. With the autonomous nature of each store, the company must put a certain amount of stock in the acceptance of other ideas and best practices. Knowing this, and wanting to maintain the culture that has built their success thus far, the staffing strategy starts to come into a clearer objective and focus. The HR Strategy and challenge to acquire, develop, and retain an employee base that has long term career goal and is diverse based upon the demographics of each of the markets that the corporations has stores located. The Staffing Strategy to recruit and hire based upon the model of looking for employees that will be invested with the company on a long term basis and diverse based upon the various market demographics, will require at minimum some form of centralized HR administration to oversee the corporate objective, legal compliance, retention of top performers and mentoring at all levels within the organization. All of this to be done naturally while holding a high ethical standard and treatment of its employees on a fair and consistent basis. In aligning the Staffing Strategy, the organization has laid the framework and should stay the course with wanting to maintain a

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