Cherokee Indians Research Paper

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Cherokee Indians This is in important essay about cherokee indians these indians are very smart they did lot of good things. They hunted turtles for food and they used their shells for rattles. The language they spoke was iroquoian. In 1838 they had the highest population and it was 400,000 cherokee indians were alive there were a lot different place where cherokee lived. The Cherokee children's the boys liked to go hunting with their dad and the girls their mom showed them what to do in the house. When the men went to hunt they used a blowguns and when they fought in war they used a spear or tomahawk. 1800s 4,000 men and women were killed and now there current population in 1838 was 370,000 a lot of people died in the 1800s. The cherokee
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