`` Cherrylog Road `` By James Dickey

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“Cherrylog Road” and “Come under the Covers” both artistically and subtly imply the coming together of two people in love. In James Dickey’s poem “Cherrylog Road”, he discusses the forbidden love of two young teens forced to find refuge in an abandoned junk yard while Nick Petricca’s song “Come under the Covers” discusses the coming together of a seemingly summer fling attempting to keep the love alive. The theme of love between these two works may be compared by their use of figurative language and sensory imagery, approach, relation to theme, and rhyme scheme. “Cherrylog Road” addresses the love in a more allusive way than “Come under the Covers”. Dickey uses figurative language and metaphors to describe the tension between the two lovers such as “Through dust where the blacksnake dies / of boredom” and “So the blacksnake, stiff / with inaction, curved back / into life, and hunted the mouse” (79, 88-90). Not only does this imply the contrast of tension between the two statements and the two lovers, but also the lack of actual sentiment between the couple. In contrast, “Come under the Covers” is slightly more direct with the intentions of the couple. “Come under the covers cause I want to leave you satisfied tonight” clearly allows the listener to know what is being implied by Petricca (13-14).
Unlike Dickey’s poem, however, Petricca seems to show more sentiment even with the explicit approach that he takes because of its word choice. By saying he wants to leave her

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