Cheryl Strayed's Wild Essay

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In Cheryl Strayed's Wild, she gives readers vivid exposure to her turbulent and harsh past. She tells her journey from the beginning of what was the turning page in her life- her mother's death. Strayed goes through a roller coaster with unfortunate events both in her control and out of her control. She makes several poor choices, and she shares all her triumphs with pure honesty. Strayed speaks of her past with a distant remorse, as if she is looking at her past in a movie. She doesn't come across as ashamed of her past, but why should she? As all humans do, Cheryl Strayed makes mistakes and suffers their consequences as well. Everyone handles situations differently, and the best anyone can do is learn from the mistakes and apply it to their future, as she does. Strayed has come to terms with her past and by writing this biography she shows the courage she has gained from the unfortunate events in her life. As the saying goes, "whatever will be, will be." She took the everything, the negative and positive in her life, and made a wild decision to leave her life behind to find peace, move forward, and survive. There is no shame in the act of trying.
It was a very noble decision Strayed made when she decided to share her dirty laundry. Having to confess all her true feelings, knowing the chances of judgement from others, would make that person very vulnerable and essentially naked. It is a very courageous decision when someone decides to expose themselves because one knows…

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