Chesapeak Shores: A Short Story

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I know a lot of people asked if your dogs are in Vancouver with you.

No, I left them in LA. I have a house sitter who has been with me for years now. And because the dogs are older--and thank you everybody for all the prayers and support of my little Lucy's surgery and recovery. I love sharing that again because we went through something very bad, and I can feel the support on social media and the power of prayer is incredible. And I know there were so many prayers.

It would have been hard for my dogs to live up here because I am not here, and even in my trailer, if I'm at set, little Lucy is fifteen and deaf and almost completely blind, and she's my glue. She has to be in my arms. Unless they wrote Megan with a dog in her arms in every scene,
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So I put my weird sense of humor which is probably not very linear in here, but it works. Peggy always had Bob. They were partners forever. When people read the story of Chesapeak Shores, they'll find out that years ago, Megan left the family. You know, sometimes people thought she was horrible for leaving the kids, but the way I see what happened is that--what we were just talking about--you want to make the best life for your kids. She was arguing all the time with Mick, who is played by Treat Williams. The kids were growing up hearing arguments in a very harsh atmosphere because of it. And so she finally decided she was going to go to New York and then bring the kids afterwards, as soon as she got her place. And then--but it's so complicated--'cause the house that they were all growing up in, Chesapeake Shores, when you guys see it on TV, you are going to be blown away. I have never seen a location like this. Olivia's house in Cedar Cove was great, but it's beyond that, and the location is incredible. And we had all these kids. And my daughter, Abby, was going to be graduating high school the next year. How do you--because you're moving and you can't make it work with your husband--do you uproot all your kids and put them in what? Two bedrooms in a New York apartment when they have a great life here? And then, of course, Mick brought his mother, Nell, played by the incomparable…show more content…
One of the questions--actually the person who had the best questions was Lisa Colangelo.

That's great! Yes, I know who Lisa is. I am very thankful to her! Isn't it funny we know who all these people are?

Yes! Her question about Murder She Baked--Will #TeamNorman ever come over to #TeamMike?

Oh, you know, that Mike is awfully dang cute, but I do, as Delores, want a dentist in the family. But Mike is winning me over. But don't you want your kids to be safe and know that your grandkids are close by? Norman lives in the neighborhood, and he's got his dentisst practice. It's really been so fun having #TeamNorman and #TeamMike. And #TeamNorman, I have to say, has some pretty great stuff coming up in Murder She Baked: A Deadly Recipe coming up June 19th. He is giving that Mike a run for his money.

He started that last time--I remember.

I know! Oh my gosh, we have so much fun on those. To play Delores with the big hair and the tight dresses and the long eyelashes. She is just a blast. I call her a "force of nature." So I have to know my lines really well because she speaks really fast and never lets anybody get a word in.
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