Chesapeake It Consultants Case Study

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I.BACKGROUND AND ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS (STAGE 1) A. INTRODUCTION Chesapeake IT Consultants has experienced several years of success as a successful small IT business firm. It acquires most of its business through contract bidding and some through referrals. It currently seeks to expand its customer base due to large incoming contracts in the near future. Current troubles with the company include incorporating technology into their hiring process as a way of revamping the current initiative. The current department will be unable to support the incoming wave of applicants, many people working within the company support the new hiring initiative. During this case study, a consult will be conducted within Chesapeake IT, and an in-depth…show more content…
This may reduce unnecessary overtime hours and help win producing a future cost estimate of how much the company will have to pay new employees, but also potential income based upon future project load ability. iii. Fadil Abadi, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of CIC, is responsible for integrating technology into business processes, at an efficient and cost effective manner. The CIO also advises the CEO against new technology they may want to integrate based on usefulness and practicality. The CIO will need the technology easy to use, and streamlined for every employee involved in the hiring process. The software will need to easy to maintain, secure, and able to integrate into any processes which may already be in place. iv.William Bradley, Director of HR, oversees daily operations within the vast responsibilities of HR. The HR director oversees many departments and the managers within. These departments may include employee benefits, payroll, employee complaints, and employee data. They may also be responsible for ensuring employees and executives adhere to corporate and federal policies such as EEO (, 17). The HR director needs the software easy to use and easy to incorporate into the workflow of his employees and department heads. v. Manager of Recruiting at CIC, Suzanne Rodriguez, has views in line with the HR manager. As the manager of recruiting practices at CIC, she will be looking for a way to ease the process of her

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