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The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was chartered in 1825 (Chesapeake). The canal runs from Georgetown all the way to the Ohio River in Pennsylvania. It is known as one of the best canals ever built. Eventually the canal was taken over by the government and declared as a national monument by President Eisenhower (Chesapeake). The C&O canal is in Georgetown, Virginia. It is parallel to the Chesapeake River. Georgetown is a little town in the city of Washington D.C. This part of Virginia is always very busy. This site tells me that the occupants have a very busy lifestyle and that they are of the upper class. This site could be used by many different people. For example, if someone has fur and it needed to be transported over to
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George Washington was the founder of the Patowmack Company; He created a series of skirted canals and riverbed improvements from Georgetown to Harpers Ferry (Chesapeake). The success of the Erie Canal provided momentum for the “Great National Project.” The purpose of the Great National Project was to build a canal along the Potomac River to eventually reach the Ohio River at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The construction of the canal began on July 4, 1828 (Chesapeake). “The canal was open to Seneca, Maryland by 1831, to Harpers Ferry, W.VA., in 1834, to near Woodmont, Maryland, in 1839, and was completed to Cumberland, Maryland.” George Washington also wanted to improve navigation on the Potomac River which is one of the main reasons why he came up with such a great idea to build the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. He attempted to do this by deepening the channel and cutting skirting canals around impassible rapids, but the flow of the river was too erratic to make this actually happen (Chesapeake). It was believed that the canal would once go where the B & O railroad was (Chesapeake). However, the railroad had been operating eight years long before the canal. It was on the same route as the canal also when it eventually reached Cumberland, Maryland.
There were a few difficulties in building the canal. One issue was that there was a shortage in workers to help build the canal. The company had to

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