Chess Vs. Chess

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Life is one of the most, if not the absolute most difficult things to be successful at. Chess is a mental battle that all be it is much shorter than life, it is still a battle that requires strategies in order to be successful. Besides chess being a matchup of pieces, the similarities between chess and life are evident and can be compared to many parts of life,ultimately showing that strategies are required to become successful.
A game crafted by L-shaped moves, diagonal slides with fuzz on the bottom of a bishop, as well as numbers and letters riding along the entire 64-spaced square. Chess is not just an activity but a way to relieve stress, show one’s intelligence to others, and prove your endurance through another typical game. The black pawn-short, round-topped, and terribly stubborn. The black pawn, is the biggest obstacle towards winning a match. Conquering one black pawn at a time is just the same as overcoming a challenge in our lives. “But wait, aren’t there eight pawns?” Yes, yes there are.Throughout life, there will always be an endless amount of pawns that will have to beat, and while it may be tough, the lessons I will learn from “winning” each conflict will shape people into a more effective player in the chess game of life. As a similarity to chess, life is all about endurance, and with endurance comes resilience and motivation. With those traits people can better prepare oneself to overcome challenges encountered.
Chess and life don 't only share the
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