Chester Himes And For What Type Of Writing Is He Known For Summary

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1. the timeline for the Literature of Realism, Naturalism and Modernism 1940-1960 in the Norton Anthology of African American Literature 3rd Edition Volume 2, pp. 1522-1523 and identify what you believe are three primary events that occurred and explain why you believe they had a significant impact on the period.

1940 – Over 40 killed in race riots in Detroit and Harlem.
1955 – 14 year old Emmett Tile lynched in Mississippi.
1960 - Sit-in Staged by four black students at Woolworth lunch in North Carolina.

2. Who is Chester Himes and for what type of writing is he known for?
Chester Himes was in African American writer whose literary genius went unnoticed in the United States and was famous for series of black detective novels.

3. In the
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