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Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller By: Jeffrey Edinger [pic] Lewis Burwell Puller was born on June 26th, 1898.…show more content…
In these first years of the marines Lewis was acquired his nick name Chesty because of his perfect body structure. This means he had a iron chest and that he was a extremely strong man. He was assigned some jobs to do in Norfolk, Virginia, at the Marine Barracks and at the Basic school, and the 10th Marine Artillery Regiment in Quantico, Virginia. Then in July of 1926 Chesty, was assigned to the Marine barracks in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Two years later Chesty was assigned to the Marine Barracks in San Diego, California. In that year Puller was assigned to the Nicaraguan National card. This is were he received his first Navy Cross Award, for his actions between February and August of 1930. First Lieutenant Puller, successfully led his forces into five successful battles against superior numbers of armed bandit forces. They killed nine men and wounded a great amount of them. Despite the danger of losing his life he dished out these five successful attacks on the bandit forces. That’s how Lewis Burwell Puller received his first Navy Cross. He returned home to the United States in July 1931 and completed a year-long Company Officers Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. Soon after returning to Nicaragua in September of 1932, Chesty received yet another Navy Cross. Chesty and his men penetrated the isolated mountains of bandit territory for a distance of eighty to one hundred miles

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