Chevalier: Food and Restaurant

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Chevaliers A case study in MIS- Management | June 7
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LO1 Understand the operational and economic characteristics of hospitality operations 1.1 analyses the nature of the product and service area 1.2 Evaluate the different influences affecting patterns of demand within hospitality operations. 1.3 Compare customer profiles and their differing expectations and requirements in respect of hospitality provision 1.4 Analyze factors affecting average spending power in hospitality business
LO2 understand product development within a hospitality environment
2.1 evaluate the key stages in product and service development applied within a hospitality operations
2.2 analyses the features which
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There can be many variations of the Buffet Service. It can be either country casual or semi-formal. It provides a more relaxed method of dining and a more varied menu than a full service meal.
The entertaining buffet presentation of food can be placed on one or more tables close but away from the tables where the guests will be seated during dinner. The guests will go to the buffet tables and serve themselves from a variety of menu items. There are hot buffets and cold buffets. Cold buffets are typically salads and sandwiches. Also the backyard barbeque can be a Buffet Service. An entertaining dessert bar can be used for an afternoon gathering of friends.
The Buffet Service can have a staff where the guests bring their own plate along the buffet line and are given a portion from a server at one or more stations. An advantage of buffets is that guests have the ability to review food before selecting it and taking only the quantity needed. Since a buffet involves people serving them it is less elegant than Table Service. Buffet Service is used anytime there are large gatherings even at many formal wedding receptions.
Buffet means to feed large number of people at one time. In chevaliers we provide a buffet service for customers. There are different types of buffet services in this world. Chinese buffet, Indian buffet, Italian buffet etc. but here I decided to implemented French, continental buffet for customers because of English, kiwi peoples. In New Zealand most of

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