Chevrolet Case Analysis Essay

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Chevrolet: 100 Years of Product Innovation Marketing Strategy Case Analysis Megan Byas November 21, 2014 Advance Marketing Strategy Introduction: Chevrolet It is not uncommon nowadays in our business industry for products and services to be created merely out of competition with an existing product or service. In the historical case of Chevrolet, they were one of the original companies to be created out of competition in 1911 against Ford Motor Company. Ousted by his initially founded company, William Durant made Chevrolet his primary focus in soon creating different vehicle models. The brand named after a top racer, Louis…show more content…
Sociocultural trends are another great avenue of opportunities for Chevrolet to grow as a company and stay relevant. Chevrolet should choose to stay developing the best possible eco­friendly vehicles with the best gas mileage, because soon that will become more and more of a trend. They began with the electric and hybrid vehicles, but that is just a small sample from their overall portfolio of vehicles. In futuristic terms, people are becoming more environmentally friendly and still would prefer to save on gas as much as possible. Economically, with gas prices being lowered over the past few months to a year, the purchasing of trucks may increase again as they did after gas prices dropped under $4 a gallon. According to USA Today, “Chevrolet and GMC likely will spend more marketing money and energy on its full­size pickups and SUVs this year. In March, Chrysler's Ram pickup outsold Chevrolet Silverado for the first time that anyone in the automotive industry can
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