Chevrolet Case Study

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Evaluate the diversity of vehicle types and sizes that are sold under the Chevrolet brand name. What strengths and weaknesses are evident in Chevy’s product mix?
The Chevrolet product mix offers the company numerous strengths. First, it offers cars of different sizes and price ranges that can cater to their customers’ needs. Cars such as the Sonic, Spark, and Cruze are smaller in size, but offer new styling and great gas mileage. The Malibu and Impala offer a roomier interior and an iconic style. The Corvette and Camaro are sports cars that have both speed and beauty. In the ever popular SUV market, Chevy offers the Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban. It also offers the electric car, the Volt, and a solid line of trucks and
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The company aspired to become a part of American culture and pushed its brand in that direction by having a large presence with American sporting events. In particular, it is highly associated with NASCAR and is currently driven by many famous sporting figures. Chevy’s goal of being synonymous with American culture can be seen with such slogans as “America’s Best Seller, America’s Best Buy,” and “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.” The company today continues the same strategy that it has used for years by continuing to have strong roots and marketing in America.
The corporation does have some opportunities and threats concerning its future. One opportunity is the growing demand for fuel efficient cars. If Chevy can build cars that are superior to its competitors and have sleek designs that customers want, then it can place itself in a very good position. Also, the world now is a global economy. Where Chevy’s America based marketing worked well and still may work well in America, it needs to come up with campaigns to target its growth in foreign markets. This is a huge opportunity considering the world’s population is many times what it is in America.
Chevrolet faces threats as well. These threat some from direct competition from companies such as Ford, Toyota, and Honda. Also, the company faces the huge threat from recovering from its bankruptcy. GM ended up discontinuing
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