Chevron Recruitment System

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Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. Headquartered in California, and active in more than 180 countries, it is engaged in every aspect of the oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries, including exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation. Chevron is one of the world 's six "supermajor" oil companies.
Chevron is one of the largest foreign investors in Bangladesh, supplying nearly 50 percent of the country 's natural gas consumption. The two-year startup of the Bibiyana Field demonstrated Chevron’s ability to handle complex projects involving many technical, environmental and workforce challenges.
Currently Chevron is
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If the 2nd choice candidate also doesn’t take the job then the whole recruitment process is launched once again from the initial stage. It does not take extra people to tackle the turnover situation which might happen in the future. It only recruits the required number of people for the vacant posts.
Internal Methods of Recruitment:

In internal recruitment process Chevron announces the vacancy of the specific post and request employees to apply. Company then gives announcement of such in the company notice board and also sends the employee’s e-mails. Any employee is free to apply. Chevron uses the following methods to find out the most qualified person suitable for the job during internal recruitment process.

Methods for Internal recruitment: 1. Posting and bidding :
The HR manager first posts openings on bulletin board. They provide information about the job for example they provide positions, locations, pay rates, qualifications etc. Thus they encourage employees to apply for the posts. Then the employees nominate themselves if they are interested in being considered for an opening. 2. Succession planning:
The succession planning process is used for only a few highly rated managerial posts. When it comes to the process of recruiting Department Heads or Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director, company goes for this method of internal recruitment.

External Methods of Recruitment:

Chevron uses the following method for
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