Chevron and Federal Express and Marketing to Developing Countries

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Q. 1: Briefly summarize Chevron and Fed Ex’s approach to building their brands world-wide?
Answer: Chevron one of the world's largest integrated energy companies. Corporation covers all parts of the oil business from exploration and production to refining , transportation and marketing of petroleum products. In the production program of the corporation motor oils, gear oils and liquids, the widest range of industrial and specialty oils and greases for all industries . The supply of lubricants made worldwide through a network of authorized distributors. Production and commercial divisions of the company are represented in more than 120 countries worldwide. They employ more than 50,000 highly skilled employees.
FedEx is a service business which provide postal service using trucks and airplane inclusive. Company operates in 220 countries. It started its service in China and India, two emerging markets, in 1990s.
Q. 2: List three insights you gained from the program as it relates to marketing to developing countries.
Answer: Three insights from the program as it relates to marketing to developing countries are, clean, safe, and reliable products, balancing portfolio, community engagement, balancing imports and exports, and sponsorship portfolio. Sometime developing or emerging market have product which can be imported to developed countries. Example is Hispanic market which is the largest market for the US outside the country.
Q. 3: While separate companies, both Fed Ex and
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