Chevy Nomad History

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Classic Chevrolet Nomad Two Door Station Wagon

There is Something Special about a Two Door Full-size Station Wagon

In 1955 Chevrolet turned the station wagon into something completely different when they launched a model with only two doors and two bench seats. It would go on to become one of the most beloved station wagons of all time. Join me as we jump behind the wheel of a classic Chevrolet Nomad.

History of the Chevy Nomad

I'm a big fan of classic American station wagons from the 50s and 60s. This probably stems from my childhood memories of riding backwards in the family [nine passenger Impala wagon]. Fortunately, GM's styling designer Harley Earl shared this passion for the family station wagon. However, in his mind, he had visions
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Although the rear styling changes for 1957 makes the car instantly recognizable, Chevrolet also changed the front styling as well. One of the most noticeable changes is the removal of the heavy chrome hood ornament. In 1957 they used two separate bullet style hood ornaments that looked like a pair of machine guns pointing out of the bonnet.

Chevy Nomad Engine Options

In 1955 - 1956 the Bel Air, and therefore the Chevy Nomad, carried the 265 cubic inch V8. Available in a variety of compression ratios and carburetor options the motor provided adequate power between 160 and 200 HP. For 1957 they bored out the 265 and turned it into the 283. This Increased displacement provided a few more horses and an interesting fuel delivery option also became available that year.

Although rarely selected, Chevrolet made their [groundbreaking Ramjet mechanical fuel injection] available on the 283 V-8. Nicknamed the Fuelie, the engine pumped out the most horsepower available at the time. It’s believed that Chevy only built around 100 Fuelie Nomads. Visit this next article if you're interested in finding out more [about the history of the station
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