Chevy Pickup Evolution Of Chevy

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Chevy Pickup Evolution Have you ever wondered how the pickup industry got started and what the first kind of trucks were like? There has been many different generations of pickups. Chevy has made a big impact on the truck industry and what they are now, in this day and age . But, the most important ones were the old generations of pickups. The first generation of chevy pickups were made between 1918-1928. The first one that was made in 1918 was called the Chevy 490. From the factory they didn’t come with anything on the back of it, so all it came with was an engine and a cab, different companies made the boxes for them that you had to buy separately. They used a 171 cubic inch, over head valve, four cylinder engine that produced 21.7…show more content…
These engines had a lot more horsepower and torque than the previous engines and made the trucks able to pull a heavier load. The new engines made up to 56 horsepower in this generation and 146 foot-pounds of torque and where 194 cubic inches(Bunn, Chevrolet Trucks). Chevy still didn’t have beds on their trucks until 1930 then they started to put a bed on the trucks and made the cab a little bit bigger and more comfortable (Williams, 95 Years of Chevy Pickup History). Chevy also put a better, easier to shift, 3-speed synchromesh transmission. This was a great improvement because you could drive smoother, it was easier to drive the truck and you could pull a heavier load. The synchromesh style transmissions are still used in all of the manual transmissions on the road today. In 1936 they put full length water jackets on all of their engines. The full length water jackets made the engines run cooler and prevent them from overheating. This also let them make the engine bigger and were moved from 194 to 207 cubic inches. The next style of pickups were produced from 1937-1946. This is when they started to become the more “modern” type of trucks. Although today they would be considered old and very simple back then they were top of the line and very “modern”. The reasons that they were called the modern style is because they made a bunch of improvements to the trucks. They had redesigned the whole cab and made it bigger and more comfortable to drive for longer
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