Chevy Silverado Ads

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America’s automobile corporations aim to satisfy the luxury, desire, and needs of the American consumers. They can accomplish this by demonstrating American traits resembling those of the typical American spirit or with relations to the concept of the frontier. In order to do this, an advertisement published by The Courtesy Way Auto dealership in Phoenix Arizona, showcased a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ. The advertisement illustrates a trail surrounded by green pine trees, bushes, rocks, grasses that convey the wilderness in the image. In the distance there is a humbled rustic cabin lying at the peak of hill. Centered between two large rocks, stands the red and chrome pick-up truck. Right above the product is the words “2014 Chevrolet Silverado”,…show more content…
The exhibits of the cabin and the wilderness indicates the desire of the settlers building homes out of pure wilderness, using their imagination beyond the stars to achieve and continue to strive and progress. The fresh crisp air invading the Americans to feel free to do the impossible, to dream and believe that the sky is the limit. The Chevy Silverado ad is a representation of what the American spirit is all about and how it has been a huge part in our history. Also, the captivating scenario of the open, empty land background manifests a different timeframe with no technology. The display of the red pickup truck in front persuades the audience to swallow and give into the Silverado, indulging them to believe in the capacity of doing more such as traveling, being able to relocate and explore. It also embarks it by having smarter components which makes it easy to navigate the land, and is strong to hold the impossible. The security blanket that twisted over the audience is into making them feel secured because somehow the trucks components can be related to the logic, and sympathy of a mankind. The components that were assembled into the ad were not vividly specific, but they were definitely tied into American values, which is a representation of the American spirit. The Chevrolet Silverado embodies the mindset of exploring new frontiers with great optimist and…show more content…
The ad indeed ad more meaning to the spirit of the frontier and the exploration process to please the country and to persuade the costumer. The motives behind the When we think of the American spirit we contemplate on what society has taught us. It’s often confused with only celebrating only on holidays, but we are mistaken. The Chevy Silverado ad has had a vivid display of what American spirit can be defined as. It has showed that America is smart, strong and more capable. The American spirit is a melting pot, with beautiful different cultures and backgrounds. Different desires and values, beliefs, the privileges the nation grants to the people to have are beyond the greatest gift of all. The foundation that we can never forget is that United States was built with the American
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