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1) What characteristics of the Chez Panisse ecosystem have allowed them to cultivate their innovative behavior? Which are key to innovation? Do any interfere with innovation? What characteristics of their ecosystem have led to Chez Panisse’ success?
Analyzing the case study of Chez Panisse ecosystem, one can easily recognize that there are several major characteristics / factors which lead them to cultivate innovative behavior and most of which have been regarded as key to innovation.
1) Clear mission/vision: From Chez panisse initial day’s waters was very clear on her vision.
She wanted to recreate, what she had experienced at a restaurant in France i.e. a charming place where friends can meet and eat simple, fresh food made up of local
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Wine sellers:

Waters provided wine as complimentary to customers for their

complete dining experience. In the restaurant’s first year / startup year around
$30,000 was accounted for wine. Chez panisse was very selective and wanted to deliver best quality of wine to customer implying us the prominent role played by wine sellers in chez panisse ecosystem.
Customers: The ingredient based menu encouraged Customers to enjoy a reflective eating experience which is the key for the success. Customers were subjected to open kitchen innovation concept which helped to develop a strong bond and lead to very solid business for chez panisse.
Food Journalists & Food Educators: Waters and the team at chez panisse innovative ideas in the media by were published by food journalists. Many of traditional food educators would have an image of being elite frivolous pastime that has little reaction to anything important. However as the importance of good food educators grew after the introduction of ESY project.
Culinary schools: Chez Panisse began forging relationships with formal culinary education institutions like American Academy in Rome, Italy and chez panisse sent cooks to learn new European cooking

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