Chiara Holy Life

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Though Chiara did not live a long or healthy life, it is easy to understand throughout the video that she did lead a holy life. Throughout many stances of her cancer and her life as a Catholic, she very well exemplifies holiness as seeing people for who they truly are. At the start of the video, we are introduced to what was possibly the best start to a life of holiness by when she was told to donate some of her toys to the homeless children who didn’t have any. Instead of giving them old, beaten down toys, she provided them with her newer toys that were still in good shape because she thought they were just as deserving of a toy in good condition as she was. Here we can see her reflecting the Christian anthropology lifestyle, knowing that holiness isn’t about judging people, but seeing people as they are made in the image and likeness of God and for who they truly are as a person. Another example of her showing this idea is throughout her entire battle with cancer when people came to visit her. Even though she knew that they had come for her, she managed to make the conversations something happy instead of bringing everyone down with her. These people would come frowning, but leave…show more content…
I love getting to hear and know people better for who that are and everything about their lives as I can. What I believe will help me respond to my vocation of holiness is by still focusing on other’s needs even when I am not in a good place. It is easy for me to want to focus on my compelling situation if its something thats throwing my life off balance, but by continuing to comfort and learn about other while I can’t do the same for myself will allow me to not only grow closer to God and holiness, but to help me escape from my issues at that time as well. To model Chiara dealing with her osteosarcoma but caring for others is what I have chosen to take closest to my heart from this
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