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There was a gentle hush all along Nakanoshima. All of the shops and high rise buildings had their shutters rolled down creating shadowy, silent walls. Darkness. A lonely orphaned boy stood outside the Kansai Electric Power Company building. At exactly 11:30pm, scheduled precisely of course, the top of the building lit up, glowing like a light bulb. Its radiance was mesmerising, illuminating the pitch-black Osaka night sky. Takayuki hugged his loose tattered clothing closer to his bony frame, and with weathered hands, prised open an unlocked window. Clambering inside, he traced his hands across the unfamiliar walls, searching in the darkness…
At last he could appreciate the surroundings. Magnificent white marble pillars arched
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Sora smiled lovingly at his son. “Of course I will. But only at night. That’s when it lights up. That’s when the building becomes alive.” Hoisting his son onto his back, Sora chuckled as his son pretended to be an airplane…
Instinctively, Takayuki jammed down the emergency opening button on the controls and with a hiss; he was greeted with yet another dark room. However, the elevator did not land squarely on the platform and thus, Takayuki was confronted with the prospect of falling into an abyss. Carefully, he shimmied his way down the outside edge of the elevator before gracefully pushing off and landing safely. Composing himself, Takayuki discovered that he was on the eighteenth floor, reading off the wall. He began to run towards the long spiral staircase that awaited him.
The unchecked fires were dispersing rapidly from downtown Nakanoshima, and had at last reached the Kansai Power building. Believing it to be empty, emergency crews were instructed to stay outside, whilst firemen attempted to tame the fires.
Panting heavily, Takayuki stripped off his sweaty jacket, carelessly dumping it on the ground as he persevered onwards, willing himself up the final set of stairs. It was indeed a sight to behold. Takayuki was completely unprepared, having spent the last few hours in the dark, blinded by the powerful beam of light that spread out in ever-widening circles. However, as the magnificent light created a beautiful chiaroscuro with the darkness
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