Chicago Art Institute

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With ticket sales for the Van Gogh exhibit in high demand, it’s no wonder the Art Institute of Chicago has a reputation of bringing classic, contemporary, and modern pieces to life. Reflective of the works that are housed within its walls, the Art Institute has had its own fair share of history that is worth discussing. Surviving and rebuilding itself after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the museum has used its revival to continue to educate and build future artists through works around the world. The School of the Art Institute, a part of the museum, houses more than 3000 students. With the future of art being led through this museum through patrons and students, what will be the next great masterpiece? When the Great Chicago of 1871 occurred, the Art Institute was originally known as the Chicago Academy of Design. Initially formed through a combination of artists in rented…show more content…
The school itself caters to more than 3000 undergraduate and graduate students. Focusing on the now and future of art, students have not always aligned themselves with the museum. The museum’s emphasize of studying pieces of the past have conflicted with new art creations. This was seen in 1965 when a strike arose from faculty, as the direction of the school from leadership was not meeting their vision of art. Although many disagreements have arisen over past direction, much has changed. Allowing for the school to essentially to have its own identity and to have harmony with the museum.
With the Art Institute of Chicago constantly changing, it has flourished and evolved into a reputable source of history in Chicago. With vast improvements to space and allowing for the development of new creations from the school, the Art Institute of Chicago continues to pave the way for the appreciation of art and for future
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