Chicago Chinatown

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The motivations for the Chinese to come to the United States are similar to most immigrants. These motivations are what most people call "The American Dream." These could be looking for a better life, having a better job, running away from political issues. However, for Chinese these American dreams were not too easy to achieve at first compared to other immigrants. Chinese suffered a lot more obstacles and discriminations because they are relatively small and easy to be targeted on. Even more the legal system passed a law in 1963 forbidding Chinese to testify against white men in court. This anti-Chinese action was most critical in the Pacific Coast; as a result, it caused the dispersion of Chinese that had settled in California to the…show more content…
There were a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was the city development and extension of the McCormick Place impacted on the planning design of the square as well as the transportation service availability. The other reason was because of environmental issue. The Chinatown Square was detected with toxins, which cost $400,000 and a long period of time to cleanup. Even though the Chinatown Square went through a lot of difficulties, the city of Chicago showed their support of the project by contributing $7.2 million and offered to build needed streets, sewers and sidewalks. (Chicago-Chinatown, 1996)1 As soon as the project of Chinatown Square started, another issue arose. That is, the lack of coordination of the present business restaurants owners. Chinatown had been heavily depended on restaurants business, which the owners competed by offering lower prices to attract customers. As a result, it was hard to convince these businessmen to compromise and coordinated with the project of Chinatown Square. Therefore, the construction of the Chinatown Parking Lot was an instructive procedure to unite these businessmen to cooperate. The result turned out to be very successful, and it accomplished the goal of Chinatown community which joined restaurants
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