Chicago City Descriptive

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A city famed for its tourism and love by many, where the skyscrapers stand tall for its bold architecture and the best pizza in the world. That is where it’s at. There is no place like home, the city of Chicago, IL. It’s also known as the windy city. This is where I was born on November 6, 1997. Chicago is a vast city full different things to do. For example, visiting many of the best restaurants in the whole or possibly the whole world. Smelling the pizza straight from the oven will make your mouth water like a water fountain, and seeing the different flavors of pizza that make you wonder “Who was the crazy person that made this.” From Pineapples to exotic pizzas like Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks. And; much more types of flavors, however, Chicago is not all about food, it also has its different cultures. Culture is very important when it comes to cities; you will see many different types of Hispanics, African, Italians, Jewish, Chinese, Etc. Cultures have their own ways of tradition and it is very interesting on how they do it. From food,…show more content…
Seeing the skyscrapers above making you feel small. While being in a city like this there's a lot to do and explore. Attractions are in every corner, from Millennium park to see the art statue made from stone to seeing the famous Bean. Navy Pier an excellent family friendly attraction, from museums, restaurants, shops, and attractions. For example, you can ride the one hundred and fifty-foot Ferris Wheel to watch and see everything on the horizon or watch the light shows and fireworks shining brightly in the night sky. One of the best attractions to go to is the Willis Tower. Going up this skyscraper is a real heart stopper. With the new window installation, you will be able to see the whole city from up above. They also added glass flooring for people who like to look down from the tower. It is truly a really good
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