Chicago Is A Diverse City

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Chicago is portrayed as a diverse city, especially in downtown Chicago. However, Chicago is, in fact, a segregated city. On the Northside of Chicago, the population is predominantly white, while on the South and West Side the population is made up of Hispanics and African Americans. To begin, living on the South and West Sides, someone is more likely to eat unhealthily. For example, on the Northside someone will be able to find grocery stores that have organic food, unlike on the South Side, where stores that sell organic food are limited; this difference represents health disparities. Health disparities can be defined as different people in certain neighborhoods do not get the same health benefits as other neighborhoods. The biggest threat to social justice in Chicago are health disparities, especially in the South and West Sides of town because people who are living there are more prone to diseases, people are prevented from eating healthily, and they are prevented from getting simple exercise. Health disparities are not based on income but on location. In Chicago, health disparities are a major problem because of segregation. While, on the Northside, someone is less likely to experience health disparities, it’s different on the South and West Sides. When someone looks at a map, they do not see how segregated a city is, but when someone is analyzing a certain neighborhood in Chicago, they will be able to see how segregated the city is. A study shows how neighborhoods in
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