Chicago Museum Visit

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A general description of the museum visit The Art Institute of Chicago is located at 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago Illinois. There are two bronze lions, created by Edward Kerneys wearing evergreen wreaths for the Holidays that flank the main entrance on Michigan Avenue. It is the second largest museum in the United States. The Art Institute of Chicago’s collection contains more than 260,000 works of art from cultures around the world. The permanent collection is so extensive that it would take one several hours to explore the whole thing. The museum is most noted for its collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and American paintings. The Art Institute of Chicago was extremely busy with patrons on November 28, 2015, especially…show more content…
The crèche bodies are made from hemp and wire, the heads are molded out of terracotta with eyes made of glass, and the hands and feet are carved out of wood. The artists would then use oil paints to achieve the most realistic expressions and details on the figurines. The figures are flexible so they can be positioned within the setting. Many of the figures in the crèche wear their original silk garments made in the royal silk factory in San Leucio. The painstaking details of the costumes are constructed of luxurious, rich fabrics such as damasks, silks, linens, and laces. One could tell the peasant figures because they wore simple clothes and had bare feet or sandals. They are wearing muted dirty looking clothing, but quite possibly even made out of paper. The wealthy and nobility wore regal royal colored robes, leather shoes and perhaps even a turban or headwear. Their costumes were quilted, embroidered using gold or silver thread, embellished with silk ribbons, and tiny colored glass beads. Some women were clothed in lace petticoats, elaborate bustles, and silk-lined dresses with metallic lace over-skirt. The crèche figurines are authentically dressed in details that mimic the fashions of the
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